Elementary & Middle

High School

  • Xanadu, Jr. – ArtPlay Musical Theatre MasterCamp
  • Theatre UAB – College Audition Preparatory Intensive
  • Audition Prep for Young Actors
  • Radio Drama Workshop and Audio Lab
  • From Phone to Film
  • A Visual Arts Journey
  • Improvisational Comedy for Teens
  • Rhythm and Moves
  • Photo Editing for Beginners
  • Hand Sewing
  • Intro to Drawing
  • Private Instruction




Xanadu, Jr. – ArtPlay Musical Theatre MasterCamp

Ages 12 – 18
July 11 – 29
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 3:30 pm
Director: Valerie Accetta of Theatre UAB
Cost: $540

Camp three is our three week MasterCamp. We wanted to offer our older campers an extra week for master classes leading up to the two weeks following when we will mount the show. At this camp, the kids will have a week of intensive classes in improv, musical theatre dance, voice, character development, acting, and auditioning. This week prepares them for the second week when they will audition for the show. There will be more than one performance that you and your family will be able to attend. This is a great opportunity for young actors.


Xanadu JR. is inspired by the Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical, and the Universal Pictures’ cult classic movie starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. Xanadu JR. is a moving, electrifying tale of endless fun that will keep audiences in stitches, while the original, legendary chart-topping tunes lift them out of their seats.

Xanadu JR. follows the journey of a magical and beautiful Greek muse, Kira, who descends from the heavens of Mt. Olympus to Venice Beach, California on a quest to inspire a struggling artist, Sonny, to achieve the greatest artistic creation of all time – the first Roller Disco. (Hey, it’s 1980!) But when Kira falls into forbidden love with the mortal Sonny, her jealous sisters take advantage of the situation and chaos abounds.

Theatre UAB – College Audition Preparatory Intensive

For Upcoming Highschool Sophomore – Seniors
June 6 – 10 
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 3:30 pm
Teaching Artists:  Carolyn Violi (Director), Dennis McLernon, Kelly Allison of Theatre UAB

Cost: $360 (Paid in full by May 1)

This program is designed to prepare High School students (Sophomores through Seniors) in their college audition for Musical Theatre. Upon completion of this program, all students will have a song and monologue specifically chosen for them and have a comprehensive understanding of what they will need to be successful at a college entrance audition. The core faculty are members from UAB’s Department of Theatre (Kelly Allison/Chair, Valerie Accetta, Dennis McLernon, Carolyn Violi).  Master classes will be provided at no extra charge on various topics and Dates are June 6-10, 2016 from 9am – 4pm with a free audition showcase on Friday, June 10 at 6pm. A videotaped audition and resume’ headshot is included in the tuition cost. Cost for the program is $360 if paid prior to May 1, 2016. After May 1st cost is $390. Please contact for more information.

The Acting Studio for Young Actors

Ages 13 – 18
January 28 – March 17
Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Susan McCain
Cost $150

The Acting Studios teaching artist Susan McCain follows legendary Lee Strasberg’s design, beginning with Sensory work – the heart of the method – focuses on nailing that tricky audition piece.

Radio Drama Workshop and Audio Lab

Ages 16 – Adult
January 23 – February 6
Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Radio Free Alabama
Cost $150

In this exciting workshop, teens and adults will explore the world of radio drama.  Led by Radio Free Alabama, this workshop will have you writing and performing pieces just lie the the podcasts and radio programs that you listen to daily.  In the exciting final session, groups will record their own radio dramas!

From Phone to Film

Ages 16 – Adult
January 28 – April 7
Thursdays 6:00 pm – 7:30pm
Teaching Artist: John Richards
Cost $200

All filmmakers start somewhere.  Do you have what it takes to be the next go-to director?  Could your next smart phone video become a viral sensation?  Join John Richards as he guides you thorugh the basics of film editing and film composition using your personal devices and ArtPlay’s media lab.  Roll the film!  Students enrolled in this class are welcome to use the media lab outside of class.

A Visual Arts Journey

Ages 12 – 15
January 19 – March 22
Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Teaching Artist: Daisy Winfrey
Cost $170

Students will embark on a journey to experiment with a variety of visual arts genres, from drawing and painting to mixed media and mosaics.  The class is for all skill levels and is recommended for any student interested in visual art.  Class fee includes materials

Improvisational Comedy for Teens

Ages 13 – 17
January 25 – March 14
Mondays 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Chris Davis
Cost $160

This class will teach the fundamentals of long-form improvisation, including how to create strong characters, play at the top of one’s intelligence, and build strong comedic scenes together out of thin air.

Rhythm and Moves

Ages 16 – Adult
January 25 – April 18
Mondays 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Teaching Artist: Ashley Booker

Cost $160

This fun and unconventional adult dance class will contain a colorful blend of styles influenced by street dance, new style and popular music. Lively choreography will be taught during each class, then danced a few times through with all the style and flavor you can muster!

Photo Editing for Beginners

Ages 16 – Adult
March 2 – April 13
Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Lillis Taylor
Cost $150 + Materials

What does it take to get that perfect-looking picture with a serious artistic touch?  Have you taken a wonderful photo on your smart phone that could use a little tweak?  Join teaching artist Lillis Taylor as she guides you through the basics of Photoshop to create that photographic masterpiece.

Hand Sewing

Ages 16 – Adult
January 20 – February 24
Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Lillis Taylor
Cost $125

You don’t need a sewing machine to create functional or decorative objects from fabric.  Hand sewing is a versatile art form that allows for a variety of textile manipulations almost impossible to replicate on a machine.  Each week, participants will learn a new method of construction resulting in a personal sample encyclopedia for future reference.  Don’t let this addictive art form die.  The 21st Century is ripe for a stitching renaissance.

Intro to Drawing

Ages 16 – Adult
January 20 – March 23
Wednesdays 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Tym Davis
Cost $200 + Materials

Intro to Drawing introduces students to a variety of classic drawing materials and techniques. Projects include sketching, still life drawing, drawing from nature, portraiture and cartooning. Full of one-on-one attention, this course offers opportunities for improvement at any skill level.


Private Instruction

ArtPlay is pleased to offer private instruction in a variety of instruments and artistic disciplines through partnerships with local instructors and music organizations. Lessons range from 30 – 60 minute increments depending on the age and preference of the student. Each instructor is available at varying times throughout the week. Current Teacher Roster: Emanual Ellinas, percussion  Carlos Pino, guitar Patricia Billups, piano Diane McNaron, voice David Roby, acting and Susan McCain, acting.   Partnership with the UAB Department of Music Through a partnership with the UAB Department of Music, ArtPlay is able to offer additional private instruction in trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute, saxophone, euphonium, French horn, piano, guitar, and voice. Instructors in this program are UAB students extensively trained in music education and performance in the instrument they will teach. These students will be advised and guided by UAB Department of Music faculty. For instructional fees, teacher availability and more information please call ArtPlay.